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  The history of my house

My Bed & Breakfast is located in a 1920s single house in a historic district,  Borgo San Paolo, place of many famous top-rated companies in the past,  Lancia car manufacturer, place of resistence against the fascist regimes in the thirities and during the WWII, final place of hopes for poor immigrants from South Italy in sixties.

Beginning in the 1950s, Italy completed its postwar transformation from a largely agrarian, relatively poor country into one of the most economically and socially advanced countries of the world. One consequence of these changes was a strong migration from the south to the big industrial cities in the North of the country, Turin with FIAT car manufacturing corporation was an extremely attractive place for those who had no job and lived in poverty in the southern regions.

South-Italian immigrants completely changed the social structure of our district, creating tension and integration problems at that time,

Today many years have elapsed from that time, the factories of the past disappeared and the district bears the fruits of its important history, the experience of people who migrated from the South,  created a solidary community.

If you are ready to listen, you can distinguish an silent choir of many different voices, united in the memories of resistance, social rebellion in their hopes, generosity, and courage.

Borgo San Paolo is a melting pot on national level, where the past is still living today, the rebellion against injustice, the silent generosity in daily work, the courage in struggling for universal ideals.

The house was built in 1920 on the left shore of an ancient water channel, that was covered before the last war, not far away from the square-yarded farm BRUNETTI located at the centre of a large piece of cultivated land,  The former Brunetti farm is  today a modern park between new living blocks.

Many people lived in this house for 92 years, everyone of them has left a silent memory, a young girl in the 1930s who run in the shade of the courtyard and in the air  the chirping of Canaries raised in the back-house garden, a young partisan from  the Lanzo valleys during the last war with his hidden weapons in the cellars, an old couple in 1950, my father who purchased the building in 1956, his smoky laboratory in the courtyard, my  mother, already old and tired in recent times, who in deep silence listened to the passing years hidden behind the white lace curtains.

My mother  spent all her life inn this small suburban house, surrounded by living blocks built  during the years of economic boom, an oasis of peace and quiet in a world, that seems to be too fast.

My Bed and Breakfast bears her name: Rosa.

Her life was an example of silent devotion and love for the territory, for the people, and in contrast with the populistic common places that seam to achieve overwhelming consensus,  she represented the deep soul of Turin, hospitality and friendship to those who have come to work and always will come in the future.

My House is now open to the world, as my mother has always wanted to do, but  never could.


On the street side facade you can see something from the old times, two plasterwork architectural friezes, window decorations usually available on fašades of buildings at the beginning of the last century


The house around 1930, view from the today courtyard.

The little girl who played in the shadow of the courtyard, is looking at us  from her remote time.

At the place of the today's garage we see a Wisteria garden,

all around fields and trees, a green area in a fading light of remembrance



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